About Lisa

Hi! My name is Lisa. I have taught for 23 years. I was a P.E. teacher/volleyball coach/basketball coach for my first three years of teaching.

I loved it but realized that I wanted more as a teacher. I wanted to have a class of my own. I wanted to see a group of students grow through a school year. I wanted to bond with my students. I wanted, I wanted, I wanted.

Then, in my fourth year of teaching, I had the opportunity to make a change and move into third grade. Best. Decision. Ever. It's been a lot of hard work but I wouldn't change it for anything. Now I have been teaching third grade for 20 years.

18 years ago, a new teacher joined our third grade team. She was new to our school, not new to teaching. We clicked immediately and Tina has been my BFF ever since. Her classroom is right next door to mine.

Beginning this year, Tina and I will be partially departmentalized. She will teach Math, Science, and Writing (to her own students). I will teach Reading, Social Studies, and Writing (to my own students). We get our classes together often to do activities and projects. We have so much fun teaching and learning with our students.

Teaching is in my genes. My mom is a retired middle school art teacher. Her mom was a piano teacher. My other grandma was a high school science and math teacher. My aunts were teachers. I have many cousins that are teachers. It is in our blood (whether we like it or not- I happen to love it!)

About my home life- I am a single mom.
I have a daughter that lives in Germany. She teaches English (welcome to the family business)! She wants to be a translator, and is getting her feet wet.
I have another daughter that just got her Masters in English. She will be teaching 2 courses in the Fall semester at her college while she decides her next move(welcome to the family business)!
My son is beginning his last year of college. He tells me he will not be joining the family business. I think these kids are all absolutely amazing.
We have 3 large female dogs that definitely keep me busy:)

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