Monday, May 26, 2014

A Little Bit of This

Life has been so busy at school and at home. Now that state testing is over, GT night is over, and my new pups have acclimated, I will have more time to blog. I will have more time to blog. I will have more time to blog. (I can hope)

I've had these images on blogger for a while and today is a good day to share.

 One of my students turned in these sentences. I laughed too hard when I read the second sentence. I couldn't look at him the rest of the day without giggling.
 I don't even know what it means????
Our GT students studied tessellations. We found tessellations in our classroom, on a nature walk around the campus, and around the building. Then they created their own tessellations.
Since Tina hasn't blogged in a while, I'm going to show off some of hers students writing and her beautiful displays.

  Tina's class wrote biographies on a person of their choice.
I just love this display=)
 Tina's class wrote personal narratives on a place they have visited.
They also wrote imaginative stories. So cute.
Have a great day and hope to share some more soon!