Monday, September 15, 2014

Freedom Week 2014

Hi there friends! Freedom Week begins on September 17 and we are getting ready to learn all about the Constitution.
Last year, I blogged about my plans for Constitution Week here. Well, it was a huge success so we will be doing some of the same activities.
First, I will read We The Kids by David Catrow.

I love using this book to discuss The Preamble to the Constitution. Since our third grade learning goal is to understand The Preamble, this book is a great fit.
Second, we will complete The Preamble Match and add that to our Interactive Notebooks. You can get this free from Hooty's Homeroom here.
Third, we will watch a few videos on The Constitution. United Streaming has a video that I love to show the students.
Fourth, we will write our own class constitution. 
Wednesday and Thursday should be fun! I love teaching Social Studies but I'm learning that I love teaching Science as well. Who would have thunk? More Science to come soon to this little blog =)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Remembering September 11th~ A Day of Service

Hello Friends!
This past week was the 13th anniversary of September 11th. For my third graders, I wanted to focus on "A Day Of Service" in memory of this day.
So we read this book: September 12th~ We Knew Everything Would Be Alright

Have you read this book? It's a wonderful collection written by 1st graders. And it is a book of hope!
After reading the book, we brainstormed how we could serve others.
Then, we invited a first grade class over to our classroom. My third grade friends read a short book and poems from their poetry notebooks and our first grade friends read a poem.
Here are some pics~
After our younger friends left, we wrote a reflection on serving others. These kids did an amazing job.

How did you recognize September 11th in you classroom?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Five For Friday {on Sunday! } 9-7

Today, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly link up!

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I just adore my class! They are the sweetest, kindest, hardest working kiddos! And they appreciate everything we do. And they love to dance for brain breaks! 'Nuff said =)
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A teacher friend on my grade level has a football theme going in his classroom. I offered to make him a football clip chart. Well, he liked it and his students did as well!
Football Behavior Clip Chart
Football Behavior Clip Chart 
I had so much fun coming up with the levels for this clip chart. 
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4 In A Row Apple Multiplication Game
Tina finished making our first 4 in a Row Multiplication Game. And I just love it! I don't know how she keeps coming up with these great ideas! 
This one is apple themed and for the month of September. She is already working on October, November and December's games.These are going to be perfect for my math workstations!
4 In a Row Apple Multiplication Game
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We finished our First Day Jitters week and my little friends enjoyed the unit. I always love reading about their first day of third grade later on in the year. They also enjoyed the Word Search! So cute!
First Day Jitters
First Day Jitters  
First Day Jitters
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This week, we made All About Me Necklaces. They came out so dang cute! I got the idea from Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade. I just love her blog. It's full of great ideas!
Thanks for stopping by~