Monday, September 15, 2014

Freedom Week 2014

Hi there friends! Freedom Week begins on September 17 and we are getting ready to learn all about the Constitution.
Last year, I blogged about my plans for Constitution Week here. Well, it was a huge success so we will be doing some of the same activities.
First, I will read We The Kids by David Catrow.

I love using this book to discuss The Preamble to the Constitution. Since our third grade learning goal is to understand The Preamble, this book is a great fit.
Second, we will complete The Preamble Match and add that to our Interactive Notebooks. You can get this free from Hooty's Homeroom here.
Third, we will watch a few videos on The Constitution. United Streaming has a video that I love to show the students.
Fourth, we will write our own class constitution. 
Wednesday and Thursday should be fun! I love teaching Social Studies but I'm learning that I love teaching Science as well. Who would have thunk? More Science to come soon to this little blog =)

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