Sunday, November 2, 2014

Five For Friday {on Sunday of course!}

Hello! We've been MIA for a while. Life has been overwhelming of late but there is so much I have wanted to share so here goes~ Five for Sunday ;)
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Halloween Day~Tina was Thing 1 and I was Thing 2. The two other members of our grade level were Thing 3 and Thing 4. {By the way, this is a horrible pic of us but it was a. long. day. Tina, don't kill me!}

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Our Halloween Carnival was last Saturday. Tina puts it together and the rest of the staff helps her. It was a huge success.

Our new administration is awesome. They volunteered to get pies thrown at their faces. The younger students did not want to do this to the principal and our assistant principal. But those fifth graders were relentless!

My favorite costume was by a wonderful first grade teacher. The kids were so afraid ~ they had no idea it was her!

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   This is the pumpkin graph that we make for our candy contest. The winning classes won free dress! Tina runs this as well.

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 Our third graders make a paper mache pumpkin at home and decorate it for the annual Third Grade Pumpkin Parade. On Friday, we walked up and down the halls and into many classrooms to show off their pumpkins. The best part of the parade is walking down the kinder hallway. Their teachers have the kids sit out in the hallway with  pompoms and music blaring. They cheer on every third grader. It was fantastico!

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My son performed last weekend at his university. They put on the opera, Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He was double cast as Sweeney and did wonderful job. It was first starring role as a singer. One. Proud. Mama!

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