Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy All Things Turkey and a Freebie

Hello Monday!
I love using! Do you?
I found a fantastic passage on Presidential Pardons for Turkeys. It is a fourth grade passage, a bit high for most of my friends. So after some discussion, we read it together. It was quite interesting with the history of the turkey pardon.

Then for the fun!
I told my friends to pretend they were a turkey. They needed to compose a letter to President Obama asking him for a Thanksgiving pardon. We brainstormed, learned the five parts of a letter {just click here for that post and freebie}, and then went to town.
These kids wrote great letters.

I love how this student gave up his older brother as a better option for Thanksgiving dinner. And he is so right- I know I wouldn't want to eat a smelly turkey!
This turkey thinks he is too cute and handsome to die!
This student is President Obama's BFF!

This one just made me laugh out loud!

If you would like to do this activity with your students, just click here or on the pic below. It is a freebie!
Turkey Themed Letter Writing Paper
Hope you still have time to use it! It brought a lot of giggles to my friends.
Thanks for reading =)

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