Sunday, July 2, 2017


Missing. In. Action.
That was me.

My name is Lisa. 
It has been one whole year since I last published a blog post. 
I promise I will do better.

I have had a tough time posting new blogs. I have ideas, I write these ideas, and then I don't publish. I don't know why. 
I promise to do better. 

That being said, a lot has happened this past year. 

My eldest moved to Germany to become an English teacher. Although she loves language, it has been a tough year for her. She is still there and is beginning to enjoy her life in Berlin.
I, on the other hand, miss her terribly.

My middle child finished her masters and will begin teaching 2 English courses at her college. Wow!

My youngest offspring finished his 4th year of college and had his senior recital. It was amazing. He still has 1 more year to go, so I am not a complete empty nester yet.
This was his idea of a family picture!

As for me, somewhere around the 8th week of school, I began teaching ELAR/SS only. I switched with one teammate for Reading and Math, and I switched with Tina for Science and Social Studies. 
The pros for this schedule- I loved getting to know 60 different students, I LOVED teaching Reading (and my love for Reading), and I loved teaching!!
The cons- N.O.N.E. Well, my Reading and Math partner is moving up to 4th grade, so that is a con.

But, Tina is going to do the switch with me, which makes me so so happy. She is an amazing awesome teacher. I have learned so much from her over the years. And she has a gift for making kids understand math. I do not have said gift. Therefore, my students are in for a fantastic year of learning!

This summer, I decided to stop dying my hair and let the gray move in. I'm only 47, but I hate dying my hair. I really do like it. I'm gonna keep that gray right in my hair!{Do you know the song?}

I have also been spending time with family and friends, cleaning, workshopping, creating, and reading of course!

How is your summer going?