Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently in April

Hi y'all!
Can you believe it's already April? I'm linking up with Farley for her super duper fun linky party~
Listening~ I actually get to listen and watch morning t.v. today!

Loving~ I have been running on fumes the last two weeks. This long weekend came just at the right time=)

Thinking~ The stress of testing is just too much for a lot of my thirdies. I'm so over it. Try as I may to inspire and calm, I'm ready for this to be done with.

Wanting~ I need a wife~ to clean, to cook, to make appointments, to shop for groceries, to take my car in for maintenance, to pay bills, etc...When I was a wife, my children were younger and I could do much of this list and work. Now, I'm old, single, and need help! I would ask for a personal assistant but you don't have to pay a wife! Ha!

Needing~ Coffee! 'Nuff said!

Third Grade Is Fun {TGIF} is our blog name. Tina and I truly believe that teaching can be fun and effective at the same time!

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