Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working On Vocabulary

Hello everyone! I'm wishing I could already be in my classroom. Construction problems at our campus are not allowing teachers to work until we report back for trainings. Oh. My. Word.  This is scary. 

Anywho, to keep my mind sane, I have been focusing on vocabulary development. (Everybody does this, right?) Our students in 3rd grade struggle so much with vocabulary. Especially when asked to choose the correct definition of a word based on a sentence. We have tried many approaches over the years because the basal readers don't do enough for the kiddos.

Needless to say, vocabulary development is a huge focus this year!

In our latest unit, Owen, I have changed up our vocabulary. It looks good so far! We have a vocabulary focus for our Reading Interactive Notebooks. Students will generate their own definitions after we study the words and pictures. We also have a homograph worksheet. The students will read a sentence and then pick the correct definition for the sentence.

Do you know the story of Owen?
Owen by Kevin Henkes~ The story of a carefree mouse who loves his blanket. When his parents tell him he can't take Fuzzy with him when he begins school, Owen is inconsolable. Luckily, his mom comes up with a great plan.

You can purchase this unit by clicking on the pic above.
This unit includes~
Vocabualry Cards
Favorite Things Tally Chart and Graph
Vocabulary for Reading Interactive Notebook
Story Map
Venn Diagram of Owen's Blanket and My Special Thing
Homograph Worksheet
Journal Entry Question

I love this story so much. It reminds me of a special girl. Jaden and her grandpa would walk her brother to my third grade classroom every morning. She was a sleepy 2 year old who always had her blanket. Years later, she was in my third grade classroom. I told her how I remembered her walking with her blanket. She confided in me that she carried her blankie every day~ in her backpack! Too cute =)
Good luck to everyone for the upcoming school year!

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