Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crazy Town!!!!


I have been in crazy mode for weeks now. But it has been fun!

First off, I L.O.V. E. the Great Pencil Challenge!! If you don't know about this great way of  saving the pencils in your classroom, read more about it at Ladybug's Teacher Files. I gave each student 1 pencil the first week of school. At the Friday check-in, each student received a Dum Dum pop. Then I gave each student 2 more pencils for the whole month of September. My kids rocked it. 14 of the 16 kiddos made it and each of them got another Dum Dum pop. I am putting each of their pictures in the Hall of Fame. My friends thought I was looney but I love it. And I'm only sharpening about 5-8 pencils a day. Win-Win!

Secondly, I would like to share some pics of around our room.
My friend, Luz, showed me a way to keep the kiddos organized. She labels their composition notebooks so that they can find them easier. Genius! Why had I never thought of this? This is a photo of an actual desk.
Tina and I hung up our "First Day Jitters" writing. They came out so cute!

We also  had our apple week the last week of September and had tons of fun. We made applesauce and butterfly apples. 

***I started this post on Monday. I wanted to share pics but I am having issues uploading to blogger. I am going to try again later.


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