Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two for Tuesday~ July 1st Edition

Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday! Two products in our TpT store will be HALF PRICE for today only!
First up is our Third Grade Morning Math Unit 1. It is regularly priced at $5, but today it is only $2.50!
Third Grade Daily Morning Math Unit 1 (First 6 Weeks)
We created this daily spiraling review because we needed a continuous review of math concepts. Many of our students were “just getting it” or "not yet getting it" and then the curriculum would move on to the next concept. Our students needed more practice. Much more practice. We use this daily. On Days 1-4 the students have about 10 min. to complete. Then we review using our document cameras. On Day 5, we give the test.
Here is a sample of the daily work.
Third Grade Morning Math Unit 1 
And here is a sample of the weekly test!
Third Grade Morning Math Unit 1 
This unit covers the following skills~
* standard form, word form, and expanded form
* place value 
* addition
* subtraction
* 2D shapes
* time
* ordering numbers
* number patterns
* greater than and less than
* money
* rounding
Next, is our Third Grade Problem Solving.
 It is regularly priced at $3.50, today it is only $1.75.
Third Grade Problem Solving Unit 1 Weeks 1-6
We created our Daily Problem Solving Unit because our students need daily practice with word problems. Our curriculum doesn’t have the enough word problems that are needed for students to master more rigorous problems. We start with word problems that review second grade concepts. We really want the kiddos to fully understand the problem and the process to solve it.

In Week 1, we direct teach one problem a day and focus on understanding the problem, drawing a picture, and solving the problem. For the rest of the unit, there are 8 practice problems for the week and 4 problems for a test. We teach 2 problems each day. The first problem is directly taught and students work with a partner to complete the second problem. We check it altogether. 

 Here is a sample of the daily problems.
Here is a sample of the test.
This unit covers the following types of problems~
* addition
* subtraction
* multi~step addition and subtraction
* subtraction with information not needed
* double subtraction
* ordering
If you are interested, just click on any of the images.
Hopefully, these deals can be useful in your classroom. 
And don't forget to check out The Teaching Tribune!

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