Monday, December 23, 2013

13 in '13 by Lisa

I sure can tell my vacation has begun. I've been having so much fun getting to blog and joining linky parties.
I'm linking up for the 13 in '13 Linky Party! It is being hosted by Hadar of Miss Kindergarten, Kristin of A Teeny Tiny Teacher and Traci of Dragonflies in first.

I would have to say my pajamas pants. Last year I bought some cropped  silky pajamies and they are so comfy. I am always hot and my kiddos are always cold so these are just right for me.
I love going to the movies. But I love to read more. So put together a great book and a fantastic movie~ Catching Fire! It did not disappoint=)
I love 2 shows currently. Once Upon a Time and Scandal. I need to catch up on all episodes!

My kiddos and I have enjoyed eating at Jason's Deli. One just opened 5 minutes from us~yay!
Blogging. I had been reading blogs for about 1 year and in the summer decided to begin this blog with my bestest friend. So much fun!
 I will do gifts I gave~  my favorite for my son was sending him to Europe for a Spring Break Tour with his French class. It was tough financially, but I know it was an experience he will never forget. He has always been a world traveler in his heart and this trip was his first step.
For my daughter~ I helped as much as I could with her first trips abroad~ She studied in Germany for a month and is now studying in China. She plans to study in Argentina in 2014 and I will help her as much as can.
I have always wanted to travel but never did. Now I get to help my babies and hopefully I will get to join them on some adventures in the future=)
 I love to pin things that make me smile. And I love penguins.
I don't know. I have loved all of them. And there's really not that many.
This school year!
I must say, it has been tough. I have a lot of needs in my class combined with a lot of challenges. The fact that I did not lose my mind is crazy. Seriously though, I nearly did lose it a few times. Some days I feel like my morning is a battle~challenging gifted students, constantly reteaching students who are working on a first grade level in a third grade classroom, students that are not medicated for ADD, students who are not medicated for ADHD, dyslexic students that have not been tested yet, etc. 
I want to help each and every one of my students and I am plum worn out by noon. 
With that said, the kiddos are growing. They have all moved ahead and I so want all of my students at grade level or above. Hopefully, we will all get there!
Tina celebrated her 50th birthday and it was so much.
To learn how to do more for this little old blog! I have already learned so much since this summer and I want to keep learning.

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas, and visit this linky party. It's a ton of fun!

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