Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching by Tina

I am linking up with Miss Kindergarten because Lisa is making me.  She says I have not been blogging enough this summer.  It has been a VERY busy summer.

Here goes:
1.  When you teach next door to your best friend- there will never be a day without laughter!

2.  When a student says they don't feel well- Do not hesitate- send them to the nurse.  Otherwise you will be cleaning your reading carpet for years.

3.  Don't be afraid to ask others  for help.  When my students "don't get it", I ask for help.  I ask others how they teach that concept.  I have learned so much from my colleagues.

4.  Test scores aren't everything.  We have all had those students that will fail a standardized test no matter what interventions we do.  Celebrate their individual growth.  Success is not a number on a data sheet.

5.  Classroom pets are not for everyone.  Unfortunately, my classroom has been called Death Row by some of my colleagues.  But what a good opportunity it was to teach about obituaries.

6.  Read the book to yourself before you read it aloud.  I made the mistake of reading So B. It to my students without reading it ahead of time.  I did not get to finish reading it aloud because I was crying uncontrollably.  One of my students had to finish reading it to the class.

7.   Take the time to listen to your kiddos.  You will find out many interesting and sometimes heartbreaking things.  This will help you understand (and love) them even more.

8.  Have fun! Let loose and dance with them, sing with them, be a little silly at times.  It keeps you young!

9.  Sometimes the best lessons are unplanned.  Go with the teachable moments.  You don't always have to be on schedule.

10.  It is okay to cry in front of your students.  They need to know that you have feelings just like they do. Don't be afraid to tell them why you are sad.  Sometimes they are the best medicine for what hurts.

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