Sunday, July 14, 2013

Freebie Daily Morning Math Week 2

Hi everyone! Lisa here.

I have been so busy blog stalking, learning how to blog, and updating lessons so they are  much cuter  more engaging for the students. It has been a ginormous learning curve on my end but extremely fun!

Well, Tina and I have been updating our Morning Math reviews for the first half of the year. We started off with headaches (18 weeks of morning math in July???), got excited, bought some clip art, got  more excited, got unexcited when it didn't come together, got more headaches, got excited again, etc.  Like I said- learning curve.

I keep telling myself that if I get all of the kinks out now, it'll be so much easier when school starts =) Yeah, my cup is always half full. And I'm a dope!

Click the image above if you would like this freebie. It is week 2 of our unit.

We also have the first six weeks completed and uploaded to TpT.

Click on the image above if you would like to see it!

Now I'm off to make breakfast. I've had some nice family time in my house. It's rare when all three kids are here at the same time. You know, college kids. My niece (also a college kid) and mom were here yesterday and we had a great time laughing, making food, eating, watching movies, etc.
 I love summer time =) I hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer vacation!

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