Saturday, July 13, 2013

Freebie for First Day Jitters

Hello all!

I have been working on our back to school unit for First Day Jitters. Have you ever read this book? It has a surprise ending and is fantabulous! Tina and I began using it about 13 years ago. We absolutely love this story.

I wanted to recreate the different activities we have done over the years and put them into one unit. Well,  I am done!


This unit contains-
Vocabulary Cards
Story Map
Character Trait Map
Venn Diagram
2 Different Writing Prompts
Word Search
Making Words Activity
Acrostic Poem
Missing Poster
Advice Letter for Sarah
More suggested activities

If you are interested, just click on either image above=)

Freebie Activity- First Day Jitters Graph
This recording sheet will allow your class to record how everyone feels on the first day of school. They will tally every student's choice and then color in a bar graph.

 Just click on the image above for this freebie!!!! Hope you can use it =)

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