Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching

Miss Kindergarten is hosting this fabulous Linky Party-

This is such a fun idea so here I go!

1. I've learned that nothing stays the same . We have to keep adapting and learning. Just when we think we have a handle on the new curriculum, it changes. So just grin and move on.

2. Embrace teachable moments, go with the flow, and have fun. 

3. Kids tell us everything we don't want to know-
I'm your kids teacher..... I know what you did last night and so does the rest of the class!!!

4. In the classroom, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. I learn from the kiddos all the time! I have learned to give the students a chance to teach the class about a topic they are interested in. This year, it was mostly technology. They even gave a couple of lunchtime trainings on using the iPads =)

5. I've learned that the funniest thing to an 8 or  9 year old is the word "fart". They also love "boogers" and "burps".

6. If I can teach something using a rhyme or song, I know it will stick much better. And dance . I teach them it's okay to be silly and get the wiggles out.

7. Share, share, share . I learn so much from my colleagues. I hope they learn from me too.

8. Love your class with all of your heart. They know when someone cares for them. I hug my students first thing in the morning and at the end of the day ( and during the day if they need it)- for some kids, those are the only hugs they get.

9. Make learning fun and memorable . This summer, a former student was the valedictorian for her high school. She sent me an invitation and I made sure to go. Afterwards, she told me that her best memory from elementary school was when we made s'mores. It was her first s'more . Those are the memories I want my students to have =)

10. I love when my students call me "Mom". I don't like it when they call me "Grandpa"! Yes, it happened all year with that kiddo.



  1. Haha I've been called grandad too. Only the once though, and I hope by accident!

    The E-Z Class

    1. Kids are so funny =)
      Gotta love them!

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  3. You know you're old when you're called grandma more than mom! That's me! Great list!