Friday, July 19, 2013

Freebie Following Directions

I love not having to know what day it is =)

I have been busy, busy, busy stalking reading blogs. So many great ideas out there! And I've been doing some serious pondering about the first week of school. We hit the ground running curriculum-wise. It is a huge transition from second grade to third grade.

I want the kiddos to know the importance of following directions. It is so sad when a student has done their work but they did it wrong. If I were to grade it, they would have an F! They have to do it again. Once we get into the school year you might hear me saying, "Do it right the first time or you'll do it again!" or "Do it right or do it again!" I know, it sounds mean.

Following directions is even one of our classroom rules. On the first day of school, I discuss the importance of following directions correctly. On the second day, I teach a mini-lesson about following directions. We make an anchor chart as well. We also discuss what to do if the directions don't make sense or if someone is confused. On the third day, I give the students an easy handout that requires them to follow directions. I saw this at a workshop once, but I did not want the students to stand up and say, "I'm almost finished" or hum, "Happy Birthday". That's embarrassing! So they just "complete" the handout, turn it in, and read. I give them about 10 minutes to finish and then I explain that if they only wrote their name and date, they followed the directions. I ask them what would have happen if I graded this handout. This lesson hits home for many kiddos but I still will have a few who are just plain stinkers!

Freebie Following Directions

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How do you teach the importance of following directions?


  1. I remember having a similar worksheet as a kid and I bombed it!! I've been searching for something like this to use with my class. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I'm so glad I found another Texas 3rd grade blog to follow.

    Hooty's Homeroom

    1. Thank you! I have loved your blog for a long time. I adore your monsters =)
      Lisa L.
      TGIF- Third Grade Is Fun