Friday, July 26, 2013

Mystery Walkers and Third Grade Morning Math Unit 2

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I can't. For some teachers, it's already over. I'm so sorry! I only hope that means you end your school year earlier than I do. I officially start in 3 weeks but I need to start getting my classroom set up in 2 weeks. Oh, the horror =(

Before the school year starts, I want to share some classroom management ideas that I love.
Here is the first one-
Have you ever heard about the Mystery Walker?  I saw this on Teacher Tipster last summer and it worked extremely well in my classroom. 

Every morning ( sometimes afternoon because I'm forgetful), I pick a mystery walker. The students don't know who it is but they know I'll be watching everyone like a hawk.

The mystery walker has to follow all of the rules (otherwise known as steps) while walking. We repeat the steps before we leave the classroom- "Step 1- Line up in a straight line, right behind the person in front of me. Step 2- Zip it, lock it, put it in my pocket (the kiddos zip their mouths, lock their mouth so they don't talk, and put the key in their pocket). Step 3- Hands at my sides or behind me." Then I say, "Don't forget, I am watching everyone especially the mystery walker."

At the end of the day, if the Mystery Walker did a great job, then I give them a Dum-Dum lollipop and a new pencil. (This year, I'm going to drop the candy and give the kiddos an eraser or sticker with their new pencil).
If the Mystery Walker didn't make it, then I let the class know but I don't tell them who it was. Some kids always thought they were the Mystery Walker and blew it. And they never let me forget to announce who the Mystery Walker was.
Sometimes, my BFF (Tina) will walk my students or I will walk her students. We pretend to whisper to each other about the Mystery Walker and the kiddos buy it every time!
 But honestly, we walk them together most of the time because a girl has to gab.

 I love Teacher Tipster- if you haven't seen the videos, you should! 
You will be entertained and hopefully get some great ideas!


Just click on the pic =) 

BTW, we finished uploading our Third Grade Daily Morning Math Unit 2.
You can click on this pic to grab it!

How do you manage your students as they are walking around the school?
Lisa =)

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