Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It for the first time =)

Hi friends. Today I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! This is the first time I am linking up but I have been inspired and creating since last summer. I did not have a blog but I followed each Monday Made It.

I was inspired by the many projects and these are a few of the things I made last summer:
1. I bought the letters to spell READ and painted them in my classroom colors (bright). I love how the letters look above my library.
2. I covered most of my blackboards in bright fabrics and love it!!!
3. I made a Dum Dum bucket for my classroom and for Tina.
4. I made Daily 5 signs, CAFE signs, and the Whole Brain Teaching Rules.
5. I made "Where Are We" signs for my grade level- I'm going to redo these now that I cute clip art.
6. I painted my boring clothespins to bright colors (and the kiddos loved them)!

This summer, I began this blog with my best friend and teaching buddy, Tina. Then we began revamping our units on Power Point- so much easier that on Word. We also decided to open a TpT store . (We have been fans and supporters of TpT for such a long time .  Every time I talk about creating lessons or finding lessons, I talk about TpT. At trainings, I ask teachers and presenters if they know about TpT, Pinterest, and teacher blogs. And during the breaks, I use my laptop to show anyone who is interested in knowing these things.)

Anywho, this is what we have created this past week!

First up, our First Day Jitters Unit that goes with the book by Julie Danneberg. We read this story the first week of school! 
 I created a freebie graph to go along with First Day Jitters.

Second, I love using the Friendly Letter Song. A teacher at a workshop introduced this song to me and I have used it ever since . A few weeks ago, I read about the movements that Jennifer posted about at her blog, Mrs. Laffin's Laughings. So I decided to update the song and modify her movements to go to the tune and here it is.
Friendly Letter Song Freebie
Thank you Jennifer for sharing =)

Lastly, we have been revamping our Third Grade Morning Math. We created this years ago when we noticed that our curriculum needed more spiraling review time. Each year we tweak it up a notch!  We give the students 10 problems each day to solve . After 15 minutes or so, the students switch their papers and we check the work on our document cameras. Each student graphs their results in their math folders. Then we figure out the percentage of students who passed the review. We uploaded the first unit (6 weeks) and a freebie (week 2).

 Third Grade Daily Morning Math Unit 1 (First 6 Weeks)

Freebie Morning Math Week 2

Thank you Tara for hosting this linky. I have been so inspired by you and all of the amazing teachers in blogland =)

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